Transfer to Another Community

Transferring service is simple!

Take your equipment with you when transferring your service to another location. This ensures you are not charged equipment fees.

Moving to a community with STELLAR:

  1. In the left navigation bar, select My Account, then select Transfer.
  2. Enter the date and location of the transfer.
  3. Follow instructions and submit your transfer order.
Service will be activated at your new location on your move-in date.
"Note: If you cancel your STELLAR account and subscribe again at another location, you will not be eligible for the new customer discount and equipment fees will apply."

My future location does not offer STELLAR:

  1. Call DIRECTV at (877) 616-MOVE to speak to a Movers specialist.
  2. DIRECTV determines equipment needs and schedules an appointment for installation.
  3. Even though you're transferring DIRECTV to a non-STELLAR powered location, you still need to cancel your STELLAR account.

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